New Adventure!


I'm Jana. I grew up in a small mountain town and loved every minute of it - Riding horses, exploring the woods, and finding treasures hidden within - I even went to college and studied the science behind it all!

Now, I’m back &happy to be developing businesses and raising my daughters In my favorite place.

The last year has been busy. I’ve chased my tail trying to figure out what was best for me. I sold my first business, worked for 9 months to almost purchase another, tried the stay at home mom gig (failed miserably), and realized I am an entrepreneur at heart.

I need to create - I go crazy with extra time on my hands. I love adventures, challenges, people, and all things nature. And at last, I’ve realized I’m happiest when I am doing. So...I am directing all that into a new business. Aetna Mills Flowers will encompass and serve all the things I love.
And I hope you will love it too.

❤️ - Jana